David Hurst



Has been involved it the coaching industry from being a young man, helping out at his grandfathers coach firm from a young boy then later with his father.

David passed his PSV test at 19 and trained as a PSV/HGV mechanic, and later took his cpc to become a transport manager in his 20’s running another coach firm that was later sold as a going concern.

David grew D Hurst Travel to one of the most respected coach firms in the area and now combining this with another local coach company Coachmaster makes the operation even stronger.

North Star


Partner & Transport, OPERATIONS MANAGER

Coachmaster Travel has been running for many years during this time Nigel has built up a very good reputation and client base.

In recent years Nigel and David have been sub hiring work to each other and Nigel has always wanted to be more than a one man band business and due to the growth of D Hurst Travel over the past few years it was ideal to combine all our resources and form a new company that will enable us to grow to something far greater that we could achieve alone.

Since the merger we have been able to successfully get our International operating license and have won contracts such as the Catalan Dragons team for 2019.